About Us – Giới Thiệu

CEA Mission Statement
Clean Energy Alliance’s mission is to develop and provide to its members practices and resources that support clean energy business incubation, entrepreneurial mentoring and development, and technology commercialization.

Who We Are and What We Do
The Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) is a national organization of non-profit incubators with a focus on cleantech. CEA Members are highly skilled incubators and accelerators known for leadership in their fields. Collectively, they offer a wide range of services, expertise, and facilities that support the commercialization of technologies and services covering the gamut of the cleantech arena.

CEA membership also includes corporations, associations, and other entities that support the incubation commercialization process and the goals of CEA. Some CEA Members provide “physical” incubation services, which involve providing facilities for the clean energy start-ups they are mentoring/incubating. These facilities can be office space, warehouses, workshops or “wet” labs. Other CEA Members provide “virtual” incubation services, whereby their mentoring services do not include a physical space.

With the US Department of Energy, CEA has formed the Department of Energy Small Business and Clean Energy Alliance Partnership. Information about this exciting and innovative program can be found on the DOE-CEA Partnership page.

Fulfillment of the CEA Mission

Among the Practices CEA encourages in its members are:
• Collaboration among Members through
— Members-only website discussion forum
— Regularly scheduled Membership-WIDE conference calls
• SHARING incubator “BEST practices” FROM across the county, enhancing MEMBER EXPERTISE

Among the Resources CEA provides to its members are:
• Expertise in all areas related to cleantech commercialization through the CEA Board of Advisors – the CEA “Tool Box”
• Opportunities to expand the scope of mentoring activities through introductions to companies participating in the DOE/CEA Partnership
• Increased visibility and mentoring opportunities from initiatives with an expanding range of federal agencies
• Exposure to corporate partners and sponsors with a strategic interest in the technologies being commercialized by CEA incubator clients
• Access to regional and national entrepreneurs and investors

If you are interested in having more information about becoming a member of, or establishing an association with, CEA, click here.