Our Mission

The National Alliance of Clean Energy Business Incubators, established in 2000 by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), is an alliance of leading business incubators dedicated to providing business and financial services tailored to the needs of the clean energy community.

Developing and commercializing clean energy technology is a formidable task given the complexity and maturity of the energy market. Success requires more than a superior technology — it requires a solid business concept and plan, a seasoned management team, contacts and established relationships with suppliers and industry leaders, and access to capital.

Business incubators accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources. Our Alliance incubators provide a wide array of services that give their companies a strong competitive advantage over other clean energy startups. Access to advice from leaders in the energy community, in-house consulting, strategy reviews, financing referrals, introductions to potential partners and marketing and PR aid are only a few of these services.

Incubators may also give clients access to appropriate rental space and flexible leases, shared office services and equipment, and the technology support services necessary for growth.

The Network

To assist clean energy entrepreneurs and support the Alliance, NREL has developed an impressive network of investors, energy experts, and industry leaders who stand ready to provide mentoring, financing, and introductions to the global energy community.

The Alliance is committed to strengthening its network and welcomes new energy companies, venture firms, angel investors, nonprofits, government organizations, and others committed to supporting the clean energy industry.

The Alliance is composed of ten top business incubators from across the country